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How To Be Prepared

Businesses and members of our community have faced unique challenges brought on by the past year. As we continue through winter and the COVID-19 pandemic, it is important to be educated and prepared for the future. While Utah is not facing out of the ordinary winter storms thus far, states such as Texas certainly are. This natural disaster of sorts has caused problems and panic. This unfortunate situation goes to show that preparedness is critical. Luckily, there are multiple resources to aid homebuilders, remodelers, and homeowners in state of emergencies.


The National Association of Home Builders website has provided useful information regarding natural disasters and storms.  A few tips they give to be prepared and keep your home and family safe are:

  • Review Insurance Policies
  • Seal Windows and Doors
  • DIY Storm Shutters
  • Consider Steel Doors
  • Remember your Roof
  • Clear your Yard
  • Shelter in Place

Simple actions can prevent larger issues and keep your home protected. Click here to read the full article and learn more!

Business Owners and Homebuilders

Business owners, homebuilders, remodelers, etc. should assure that their businesses are taken care of in the event of a natural disaster or pandemic. Creating an emergency preparedness plan can save hours of stress and grief.  A good first step is to narrow down what specific hazards would affect your business specifically. This plan should include things such as:

  1. The potential event
  2. Course of action (such as evacuate, quarantine, find cover, etc.)
  3. Responsibilities of owner and employees
  4. Where important documents are located

A few more topics to think about and incorporate into planning are:

  • Employee safety
  • Backup electricity
  • Building and vehicle safety and insurance
  • Alternative work locations
  • Computer system and records safety
  • Communication to customers
  • Access to state and national alerts
  • Inventory checklist and safety
  • Financial burdens and recovery

Communicating your plan to family and staff is extremely effective. Natural disaster preparedness and recovery is a team effort. Staying ahead of any potential emergencies will protect your business and help it to remain successful.