Member Testimonials

What have people said about joining our group?

Cindy Weeks
VP Branch Operations, USU Credit Union

USU Credit Union values its membership in multiple aspects. It is an fantastic opportunity to build relationships, discover new ideas, promote each other and to help each other grow to success. It is a positive way to network with the best of the best in Cache Valley. It allows me to confidently refer clients to the best services in town.

Trent Cragun
President, LifeStyle Homes

The Cache Valley Home Builders Association attracts the brightest and best of the building industry's top performers. Not only does it attract builders, but also key support members from trade contractors, material suppliers, bankers, title companies, mortgage lenders, and real estate agents. I have the opportunity to become their friend and learn from them the very best the industry has to offer. My association with these great people has benefited my business and me personally.

Dick Sackett
Senior Vice President – LeGrand Johnson Construction Company

Testimonial coming soon!

Karen Nielson
Guild Mortgage

I am an affiliate member of the Cache Valley Home Builders Association. I have been able to enjoy many benefits while being a member of CVHBA such as connecting and expanding my network with professionals in the home building industry.  I have been able to participate in events and have access to educational resources and training programs offered by the association to stay up to date with industry standards and regulations. The association is amazing in representing the interests of the home building industry and providing a platform for affiliate membes to voice their concerns and issues. I know there are many other benefits I am still yet to enjoy. Thank you for all you do and for all the help to grow my business!

Jacob Howell
Berkshire Hathaway Cache Valley

I highly recommend the CVHBA if you're involved in the building industry in any way. Over the years I've enjoyed our member meetings, the networking opportunities, economic updates, and the ability to work together on common goals. Watching how the CVHBA changes lives through donations of time and materials every year for worthy community causes is uplifting. Membership in the CVHBA has led me to suppliers and other experts. The builders involved in the CVHBA are the best the valley has to offer and their talent is showcased yearly in the Parade of Homes.

Riley Duke
Duke Building Co.

The Cache Valley Home Builder Association has been very beneficial to Duke Building Co. over the years. It has given our team access to training, facilitated networking opportunities, and helped the company grow and develop in exciting ways. I highly encourage any builder, trade or subcontractor to be a part of this organization.

Steve Coppieters
Stone Gate Homes

When I was a young superintendent, the contractor I worked for was the president of the local HBA.  I received a call from a potential client who was frustrated that he kept scheduling appointments with contractors who never showed up, but he felt that the President of the association would be someone he could depend on to show up.  We did, and it was a fantastic project.  Throughout my career I have looked back at that experience as it has shaped how I respond to the trust potential clients put in my company to "show up" because of a reputation.  That all started with seeing first hand how belonging to the association opened that door.  Since those days 30 years ago, I've witnessed careers take off, companies grow, and communities improve through membership in the Home Builders Association.