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Should Your Home Building Business Offer Solar Options?

It’s hard to ignore the way residential solar energy is transforming real estate and new home construction. In some areas of the US, solar energy systems have even become a standard for new houses, as frequently sought out as hardwood flooring or an open concept kitchen. Here at Home Improvement Leads, we constantly see homes with solar energy spending less time on the market and selling for higher prices than homes without. Based on homeowners’ growing interest in sustainable energy and saving money on utilities, construction companies could benefit from offering solar options during the initial building process.

Here’s how adding solar services to your repertoire could boost your business and credibility.

Distinguish Yourself from Other Construction Companies

Even though the demand for residential energy has ballooned over the past few years, there are still far fewer residential construction companies who offer solar options than ones who do not. If you choose to incorporate solar construction into your business, you’ll be ahead of the curve, setting yourself apart with a valuable service that your clients may not be able to find elsewhere.

Save Your Clients Money


Installing panels on the roof during construction is less expensive than retrofitting a home for solar. It also offers the chance to make other accommodations for solar throughout the home, such as building the proper roof pitch to effectively harness natural resources, or installing energy-efficient windows that will help stop heat transfer, allowing the solar energy system to better heat and cool the home.

In addition to saving on retrofitting costs, installing solar at the beginning allows homeowners to benefit from the energy savings right now rather than down the road. And since reasonable costs result in higher satisfaction, you’ll have loyal customers eager to talk your business up to friends and family.

Partner with Solar Experts

Few people are masters of all trades. You know your market, but that doesn’t make you an expert in residential solar energy. Solar companies, on the other hand, know the ins and outs and can handle the installation and power analysis, as well as streamline complicated paperwork and permitting. Don’t try to handle everything yourself, or you may risk failing to deliver a top-quality product and experience for your client. You can lower overhead costs and mutually benefit from partnering up with experts, and make the process easier for the homeowners as you do so.

Familiarize Yourself with the Guidelines in Your Areas of Business

Even if you sub out the paperwork, it’s beneficial to verse yourself in the requirements of your municipality regarding solar construction. According to, common guidelines include building dedicated electric wiring and pipes in attics so that photovoltaic and hot water systems can be added at a later date, and building on an east-west line to maximize solar potential.

The bottom line: providing solar options can increase your bottom line by bringing in new clients. As homeowners grow more interested in energy-efficient homes, marketing green features will boost your reputation and business.